Crusher Repairs & Maintenance

Relines South Africa offer a periodic analysis on the condition of crushing machines on site. Our in depth analysis and service means our clients gain piece of mind when it comes to the condition and performance of their plant equipment.

Our experienced Personnel service, maintain and report on various Cone and Jaw Crushers including feed bins and liner changes. Some of the services Relines South Africa offer on Crushing equipment include;

  • Keeping oil systems free of contamination by cleaning out any sludge buildup in tanks so that the new oil does not become contaminated.
  • Keeping the breathers clean and keep the right gaskets and oil filters on hand.
  • Keeping the toggle area clean, particularly before any crusher adjustments.
  • The removal of dirt and debris from crusher frame surfaces and from areas around the machine .
  • The monitoring of discharge chutes for any obstructions and checking for any material buildup under the jaw to avoid excessive wear on the pitman.

Our crews follow the discipline of daily, weekly and monthly recommended inspections. While there are many inspection items listed on a manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, several are worth highlighting.

  • We check jaw dies, making sure bolts are kept tight. Checking cheek plates for any excessive wear that may affect the mainframe of the jaw. Monitor flywheels for cleanliness, tightened bolts and potential cracks; and make sure drive belts aren’t worn or cracked.
  • Logging amperage draw to see if it changes from day to day. If amperage is exceeding normal levels, it could be a signal of bearing problems or loose belts.
  • Additionally, log coast-down time daily. How long does it take the machine to come to a dead stop? If the time starts to shorten, this could indicate a bearing problem. Checking all indicators and switches daily for proper operation – as they are integral to proper shutdown in the event of issues such as high temperatures or low oil pressures.

Relines South Africa does not encourage the extend of wear parts: Avoiding running jaw dies so long that they become too thin. This may mean that you can no longer rotate them – which means losing half of your wear.

Give us a call to find out how we can help service your crushing equipment.